A number of minor errata have been noted in The World Rejoicing by Edward Gregson. Although great care is always taken in typesetting, editing and proofing, in a work of this length and complexity a few will inevitably slip through the net! Fortunately these are all minor, mostly changes of accidental or articulation. Nonetheless we are of course always disappointed when ANY get through, and apologise for any inconvenience caused.

The following apply ONLY to first edition conductors scores NOT parts or study scores. If your B4 conductor’s score was purchased before April 2021 OR has a GREEN wire binding, then it is a first edition score and these will apply (everyone else can ignore them):

  1. b. 69: Bass Trombone; last semiquaver of bar should be B double flat; Euphonium last semiquaver of bar should be C flat
  2. bb. 194-95: Percussion 1& 2; every E should be flattened (currently naturals)
  3. bb. 220-21: Percussion 2; vibraphone chord should be G major, not F (a tone higher)

The following apply to ALL conductors and study scores, and parts:

  1. b.10: Percussion 2; 2nd beat add flat to C
  2. b.24: Soprano/Solo Cnt Iⅈ fp dynamic should fall half a beat earlier, on the quaver rather than the tied minim
  3. b.85: 2nd Horn; 1st beat should be a C (printed B natural)
  4. b.92: Perc. 4; final semiquaver should be E natural (printed E flat)
  5. b.108: Tubas (both); cresc. as per 2nd bari. & 2nd trombone
  6. b.111: Bass Trombone should have a slur from the Ab – Gb
  7. bb.116-117: Flugel, Baritones, Trombones; delete cresc. to ff (already marked ff)
  8. b.119: Soprano & Solo Cornets should have a slur from 4th beat to 1st beat of 120
  9. b.146: Percussion 2; 4th beat 4 add flats to C & G
  10. bb.234-239: Percussion 3; Tubular Bells should be accented up to (and including) final beat of 239
  11. b.238: 3rd Cornet; 2nd quaver add flat to A
  12. b.257: 1st horn; 1st and 3rd quavers should be B not A
  13. b.274: Soprano Cornet should be marked molto marc. to match other cornets
  14. b.303: 1st Eb Bass should have a slur from C-G (to match 1st Baritone)
  15. b316:  2nd Cornet; add flats to all Gs
  16. b.386: 3rd Cornet; 3rd beat quaver should be A natural (A# printed)
  17. b.397: Percussion 2; add phrase mark to first three crotchets
  18. b.400: E flat Tubas; 1st beat should be marked fp
  19. b.415: Perc.4; final quaver B natural (printed B flat)
  20. b.436: 2nd Baritone should be marked fp cresc. to f on the 1st beat of 437 (to match Solo Cornet III & IV and 2nd Trombone)
  21. b.469: Bass Trombone; written D minim on beat 3 should be a C