Double Guarantee

At Morthanveld we are very confident that years of experience in typesetting and printing music, and in the commercial print industry, mean that we can give a double guarantee of error-free, high quality, beautifully printed music every time. We believe you should expect nothing less, and hold your publishers to account if you receive anything less.

We also understand that amateur organisations in particular can feel, well, ‘ripped off’ if they’ve paid for sets of music riddled with errors that have to corrected during valuable rehearsal time!

With that in mind we offer the following unique double guarantee:


  • Tired of endless errata and spending rehearsals fixing misprints?
  • Tired of sorting out bad page turns with sellotape and scissors?

Morthanveld will give a corrected replacement set free of charge to anyone who identifies a significant typesetting or editing error in any work in our catalogue. Examples of a significant error would include things like missing accidentals, missing “muted” or “open” marking and impossible page turns. For this part of the guarantee you simply need to notify us of the error by email.


No more cheap paper and inkjet print.

Morthanveld’s experience in digital printing and publishing means that we leverage years of professional expertise into providing what we think is the best quality printing and binding on the market.

If you find a print or bind quality issue in a piece of music that you have purchased from us we will also replace the set of music free of charge. For this part of the guarantee we need to see the error in question, so we request that you send a photo or scan of the offending article to us – you can also send it to us by recorded delivery. If we agree that it is faulty we will ask you to return the full set to us by recorded delivery, we will immediately replace it and refund your postage costs

To our knowledge no other publisher offers such a comprehensive double guarantee of quality!