About Morthanveld

Welcome to Morthanveld Publishing Ltd – my name is Andrew Baker and I set up this site (and in fact the whole company) in order to take advantage of many years of experience as a composer, arranger and typesetter of music for amateur performers and my equally lengthy experience in the commercial print industry. This website is all about the services I can offer to musicians – including writing new music, editing, typesetting, designing and printing supporting material, creating websites and helping to write funding bids for arts funding bodies.

With over thirty years under my belt as an amateur musician (mainly in brass bands), two music degrees and nearly twenty years in the print industry, including as Operations Director at a multi-million pound turnover commercial book printer I have a wide range of skills and experience that I am now putting to use in a variety of ways. Morthanveld Publishing was set up to publish my own music and offer consultancy and advice. Please have a look around the site and see what Morthanveld is all about, and feel free to get in touch with any queries.

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A note on the business name: The company is named in tribute to one of my favourite authors, the late Iain Banks. Unusually, Banks (who died tragically early in 2013) alternated between science fiction and “normal fiction”, writing epic sci-fi with the addition of his middle initial. As Iain M. Banks, one of his finest creations was a distant future civilisation called The Culture; one of The Culture’s few rivals in scale and technology was a mysterious and powerful “high level involved” civilisation called The Morthanveld. If you haven’t read any of the Culture novels, I strongly recommend them!