gemini is a virtuosic solo for unaccompanied cornet – ideal for student recitals – inspired by the constellation of the same name.

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gemini is a virtuosic solo for unaccompanied cornet, inspired by the constellation of the same name and one of a small sequence of works inspired by the composer’s love of astronomy.

Gemini is a constellation visible in the night sky overhead in January and February, between Taurus, Cancer and Auriga. Gemini is latin for “twins”, as the constellation’s two brightest stars represent the mythological twins Castor and Pollux. Bizarrely, despite being twins, Castor and Pollux had two different fathers and hence two different fates and personalities. This work is dedicated to the composer’s friend Lizzy Tonge. The opening melody takes its outline from the song ‘Thank You’ by Dido.

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