Paul McGhee’s Kjeden now available

Paul McGheeMorthanveld Publishing are delighted to announce that Paul McGhee’s Kjeden (‘dialogue for euphonium and brass band/brass ensemble’) is now available. Published and typeset by Paul himself, this work is printed and distributed via Morthanveld on his behalf.

Kjeden was commissioned by Torstein Aagaard-Nilsen for the 2012 BrassWind Festival in Bergen, Norway. Written between June and August 2012 the piece was premiered by Glenn Van Looy and Manger Musikklag on Friday, October 5th, 2012 at the Logen Theater. Kjeden is the Norwegian name for ‘Chain’ – a flexible sequence or series of connected elements – and is dedicated to Torstein Aagaard-Nilsen and all of the players of Manger Musikklag, with thanks for their support. Paul’s programme note for the work states:

Subtitled dialogue for Euphonium and Brass Band, Kjeden aims to explore the relationship between soloist and ensemble. The ensemble, rather than merely accompanying; interacts with the soloist and creates soundscapes which become the backdrop for the soloists extended passages. Many instruments from the ensemble become lead lines in the material and there is a constant dialogue between the instruments as each fights for importance. Using the idea of a chain the five sections of the piece are interlinked and the point where one ends and another begins is often blurred and distorted. Each section emerges from the material which precedes it and constantly gives reminders of what has gone before as well as introducing new material.

In early 2018 Paul completed a version of Kjeden with brass ensemble accompaniment, comissioned by Adam Bokaris for his undergraduate final recital at the Royal Northern College of Music. In order to fund the commission Adam created a consortium, with members from Australia, New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland and U.S.A. The consortium included: Adam Bokaris, Jim Gourlay, Steven Mead, Matthew Kundler, Ben Crocker, Pat Stuckemeyer, James Blackford, Torstein Aagaard-Nilsen, Gilles Rocha, Nick Healy and Kerry Wood.

You can hear a recording of a live performance of the work below:

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