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‘Endurance’ Errata

Hi folks. A couple of mistakes have infuriatingly come to light in the published score/parts for ‘Endurance’. They are only minor ones, and unlikely to affect the performances, but I thought they should be noted. They are:

  1. The first bar is numbered ZERO in score and parts – it was originally an anacrusis or “pick up” that got changed very late in the composition process and was never renumbered to 1. This means that the 10th bar is actually bar number 9 and so on. This WON’T be corrected in future printings, in case someone has an old score but new parts, or vice versa.
  2. At rehearsal letter [A] the 1st baritone dynamic should be “piu mf” rather than simply “mf”
  3. 2nd bar of rehearsal letter [I] the 1st baritone, 1st horn, solo horn and flugel should have tenuto marks on the quavers after beats 2 and 4 to match 2nd baritone and 2nd horn.
  4. 7th bar of rehearsal letter [O] the 2nd euphonium should have an accent to match 1st euphonium.
  5. 5 bars before rehearsal letter [U] (the ¾ bar numbered 228 in the score) both baritones should be tied over from the previous bar to match all the other lower brass.

Kapitol Promotions have been sent a copy of these to add to their website, and will be forwarding on to all the regional secretaries, who will forward it on to the bands affected.

Apologies to all those affected – I strive to produce error-free material and it’s annoying that these few slipped through the proof-reading cycles, of which there were many, but hopefully none of them will cause you any major difficulties. Thanks are due to Gavin Somerset, James Haigh and Nicholas Garman, whose eyes are all sharper than mine.

Andrew Baker

Morthanveld Publishing Ltd

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